Preference #23: You Break Up (3/7)

Two in a day, guys! This will be in two parts, because it would be really long if it wasn’t. I actually don’t know if this is too good, but oh well. Also, don’t hate me for this, I love Allison but it was the only thing that came to my mind! Love you guys!!

Scott: image

When you first started dating Scott, you knew that he still had feelings for Allison. It was something you had originally looked past, but now as he started talking and hanging out with Allison more, it was hard to not notice. Each day you’d ask Scott to come to your house for the evening or ask him to go out, he’d say he was busy. But when you asked, or threatened, Stiles and Isaac where he was, they would crack every time.

Two weeks after this had started, you had texted Scott a quick message, asking you to meet him at your house immediately. He showed up a few minutes later and opened the door to let himself in. “Can we talk?” You both mumbled.

"Are you breaking up with me?" You asked, his fingers brushed across your cheek gently, smoothing away several tears.

"I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s just Allison and I want to work things out and I just-," Scott trailed off, stepping slowly towards the door. With one last look at you, he left you to your broken heart. 

"Goodbye, Scott." 

Issac: image

You knew everything about Isaac’s life and vice versa, you two were always together and knew everything about one another. But when Isaac started to act weird and stop telling you things, you had gotten worried. People had started to ask you if the two of you were still together and most of the time, you didn’t even know what to say.

The truth was, even you didn’t know. So when you finally ran into Isaac outside of school, to find out that he was hanging out with Allison, again. Normally, you would’ve never minded if they were together, but you were supposed to have dinner together tonight, and of course he never answered his phone.

"Hey, Y/N!" You heard Allison call out. You threw her a small smile, before meeting Isaac’s gaze, he left his chair quickly to follow you out of the coffee shop. 

"Thanks for coming over tonight, Isaac. My mom and dad asked me when you were coming and then they asked me if we were still dating and I didn’t even know what to say!” 

"Y/N-," He tried to say, before you cut him off again.

"The sad thing is, I actually thought you were different." Your cheeks felt like they were burning, the anger finally bubbling over. "I thought that you and I would be together, but I was obviously wrong." You turned, ready to walk away but Isaac gripped your arm tightly. "Get off of me, you have no reason to get me to stay. Go back inside, Allison’s waiting." 

Stiles: image

In the beginning, you and Stiles were inseparable, but as time grew on and all of the werewolf things went down, Stiles became more distant. He rarely talked to you anymore and never acknowledged you at school.

When you walked over to Stiles’ house after school one day, you saw that he was inside, cooped up, reading from a book of mythology. “Stiles.” You said, he glanced at your for a second, nodded, and looked back down at the ground. “Stiles!” You said again, he waved you off and continued reading.

"Stiles if you don’t look up and talk to me right now, I swear!" Stiles continued to read on and you finally gave up, storming up towards him and throwing the book away from him.

"What are you doing, Y/N?!" Stiles yelled, glaring up at you.

"What are you doing, Stiles. I’ve tried so hard to understand, but all you do is ignore me! I deserve somebody who gives a shit, Stiles and that’s not you! We’re done, okay?” Before Stiles could reply, you left, slamming the door behind you.